“The Necrofields has an interesting history: it was the site for many battles for several millennia. It has had as many names as it has had victors. Over time nature has claimed vast swaths of the field replacing it with lush outcroppings of forest. Each grove tells its own story, complete with its own cast of characters and props.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Flora and Fauna found.

roll 1d6

1) A curious plant resembling a sunflower sprouts from the ground A notable difference though is that the petals are red and the stem is a muddy brown. If approached it begins to hiss and exhume a noxious smell. On further inspection its base is sprouting from the open mouth of a chittering skeleton.

2) A long serpent-deer hybrid with a human skull for a head skitters by on its many stilt-like legs. It circles the characters and begins asking them questions in a language they don’t know (unless one of them knows ancient dead tongues). Once it realises it can’t understand the players (or they don’t respond) it slithers away. If pursued, the players will find a grove of several more variations of the serpent. To their dismay, they all seem to be speaking wildly different languages.

3) Faint lights can be seen dancing in the distance. No matter where they go the lights follow with slight humming radiating. Any attempt at resting is met with discomfort and mind numbing nightmares of a bloody feast. Once awakened all the food and rations on the characters is gone, having been eaten.

4) A thick fog rolls in making the characters drift off from their course. Eventually, they find their way in taller and taller grass. Around them they can hear figures brushing past disrupting the grass around them. Soon after they hear the marching and clattering of armor and several dozen soldiers surrounding them. Crossbows reload and click as they unleash a volley of bolts around the characters. No one is injured since no bolts were actually fired.

5) A frantic scream tears apart the quiet twilight. A villager (thought missing) is seen running toward the characters. Any attempt to calm them down is met with failure as they tremble and panic in the characters hands. Come day break the villager disappears entirely. This continues for several nights.

6) Warmachines can be heard thundering toward the characters as a pitched battle erupts around them from nowhere. They must fight their way out of a region of space-time that is perpetually in battle.