“Grazix is a sight to behold, but unfortunately one that can be seen for a few brief moments before he is along the horizon once again. He flies constantly, never stopping for even a moment to eat or sleep (some say he flies as he sleeps). He is perpetually following the Sun so as such it is always just above dusk on the Great Wyrm Grazix”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

City On Dragons Back Table
roll 2d6
2) The War Horns and Drums begin to beat as a large invasion force breaches from the clouds. They ride atop a large dragon holding several hundred warrior and dozens of smaller riders.
3) A flock of Warbird Scouts slice through the air attacking anyone in their path. This is a grim omen for things to come…
4) Beneath the street-scales of the Great Dragon Grazix are the sewer-ridges. Lately they have been clogging and causing minor flooding.
5) Grazix’s wings have long been considered a no-man’s land; then why are there towers littering the landscape?
6) You come upon a group of Grazix Cultists warning of “The Great Roll” that is prefixed by “The Great Lean”.
7) A group of Grazix-Guardsman seem to be investigating an apparent robbery.
8) A Dragonkin noble begs for help to anyone passing who is willing to listen. He has gotten no takers so far…
9) An urchin bumps into you as they run down a notoriously dangerous alleyway.
10) You’ve heard that on the lower back (towards the tail) a large scaly ravine opened revealing a previously unknown tunnel system.
11) Horrid screeching one-eyed lizard-like creatures (nothics) erupt from underneath the street-scales.
12) A Roc of comparable size bellows as it lunges at the Great Wyrm Grazix. Everyone braces for impact…


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“I have it on good authority that below every well in this kingdom lies a dungeon.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

What’s Down that Well?

roll 2d6
2) Below is a massive complex dungeon leading to a colossal double door that connects the realm to a world of madness.
3) A long drowned temple to a water spirit.
4) The well has several boards covering the mouth barring others from using it.
5) Years ago this well was the source of a plague that killed dozens. It has since been blocked off from anyone using it.
6)The well dried up years ago. There are shovels and other equipment at the bottom suggesting someone tried to dig deeper for water.
7) Nothing. It’s just an ordinary well.
8) Some people must have assumed it was a wishing well. There is at least a handful of tarnished if not at least useable coins..
9) Whenever someone gets water it is said you can hear the angered disapproval of a water spirit .
10) The water has been brackish lately and smells like death.
11) The water is acidic to the touch and lightly burns. The locals still drink it though and many even proclaim it aids in recovery.
12) Lately, the water has become slimy and drinkers have been breaking out in massive full body rashes.


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