“Commonsense dictates that you shouldn’t eat mysterious floor meats. But the adventurous types might find some humor in it.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Eating mysterious meat

roll 2d6

2) You sprout an extra limb.

3) Your blood begins to boil and you are soon sent into a fit of rage and madness.

4) You feel unbelievably refreshed and filled with vim.

5) You vomit a thick black icor. It begins to coalesce and form a miniature version of its consumer.

6) You feel satisfied. The risk was worth it.

7) You get sick. What did you expect from eating meat that you found?

8) You don’t feel good. You don’t feel bad either. Maybe you should reflect on this?

9) All the hair on your body grows rapidly for several minutes.

10) You double in strength until your next bowel movement.

11) Your skin begins to retexture and change colors sporadically. This effect lasts a few weeks.

12) What feels like a stomach ache soon turns into a full body migraine. Over the next few days your body slowly begins to morph into a new monstrous version of yourself.



“The Bear Riders of Hastir are renowned for their survival prowess in the frigid wastes. While not very trusting of new people they tend to warm up to people who don’t make their bear suspicious.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Equipment Found on The Savage Bear Riders

roll 1d8

1) A worn yet sturdy looking spade.

2) Several days worth of trail mix complete with nuts, berries, dried meat, and choice tree bark.

3) A sharp skinning knife with a cleaning rag.

4) Choice herbs and a sewing kit in a small rabbit pelt pouch.

5) A medium length chain with a crude metal hook.

6) Dry tinder and flint and steel in a tin container. Also a few stray cigarettes.

7) An extra thick blanket roll.

8) Some specially made treats for the bear.


“No matter how confident mankind is about their creations the fates win in the end.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Runaway Train Adventure Hooks/Events

roll 2d6

2) A hard turn causes the train to derail and crash into the hard ground.

3) Panic grips some of the commuters causing them to riot and attack weaker prey.

4) A conductor approaches the players asking for assistance with “a sensitive matter.”

5) Sparks begin to spray from the wheels despite the speed staying the same.

6) A lost child finds their way into the players care. They ask you to help them find their parents.

7) A panicked commuter begins to break down and cause others to grow uneasy.

8) A mugger wrestles with a passenger for their money.

9) One of the cars shakes violently and screeches as its brakes activate.

10) The train suddenly enters a tunnel.

11) The train leans heavily to one side displacing everything/ everyone.

12) . A group of desperate commuters begin to jump from the windows and doors.


“If necessity is the mother of invention, war must be the father.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Irregular Warmounts
roll 2d6
1) A giant rhino with a farming plow attached to its snout. Behind it, it pulls a modified tiller with long blades on either side.
2) A mechanical humanoid over 10 feet tall complete with ball and chain, and spinning blade arm. It’s eyes glow from the energy crystals that power it.
3) A large yak with mobile yurt deployed on a platform on its back.
4) A giant bombardier beetle.
5) A rolling wave of pixies, nixies and other fae-folk.
6) A chitinous jet black dog. Its snout resembles a beak. Small spikes pepper its body.
7) A bird-like flying contraption made of wood and linen.
8) A lion infused with the powers of a minor mountain spirit.
9) A spiked wheel with a seat for 2 in the center. It has no actual propulsion system, it’s just a wheel.
10) A giant wasp with saddle on its back. Attached is several lances on either side.
11) A living mass of forest floor.
12) Multiple bones from various animals/races combining into a constantly morphing abomination.


“The Necrofields has an interesting history: it was the site for many battles for several millennia. It has had as many names as it has had victors. Over time nature has claimed vast swaths of the field replacing it with lush outcroppings of forest. Each grove tells its own story, complete with its own cast of characters and props.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Flora and Fauna found.

roll 1d6

1) A curious plant resembling a sunflower sprouts from the ground A notable difference though is that the petals are red and the stem is a muddy brown. If approached it begins to hiss and exhume a noxious smell. On further inspection its base is sprouting from the open mouth of a chittering skeleton.

2) A long serpent-deer hybrid with a human skull for a head skitters by on its many stilt-like legs. It circles the characters and begins asking them questions in a language they don’t know (unless one of them knows ancient dead tongues). Once it realises it can’t understand the players (or they don’t respond) it slithers away. If pursued, the players will find a grove of several more variations of the serpent. To their dismay, they all seem to be speaking wildly different languages.

3) Faint lights can be seen dancing in the distance. No matter where they go the lights follow with slight humming radiating. Any attempt at resting is met with discomfort and mind numbing nightmares of a bloody feast. Once awakened all the food and rations on the characters is gone, having been eaten.

4) A thick fog rolls in making the characters drift off from their course. Eventually, they find their way in taller and taller grass. Around them they can hear figures brushing past disrupting the grass around them. Soon after they hear the marching and clattering of armor and several dozen soldiers surrounding them. Crossbows reload and click as they unleash a volley of bolts around the characters. No one is injured since no bolts were actually fired.

5) A frantic scream tears apart the quiet twilight. A villager (thought missing) is seen running toward the characters. Any attempt to calm them down is met with failure as they tremble and panic in the characters hands. Come day break the villager disappears entirely. This continues for several nights.

6) Warmachines can be heard thundering toward the characters as a pitched battle erupts around them from nowhere. They must fight their way out of a region of space-time that is perpetually in battle.


“The primary benefit of setting up your base of operations in the docks of most any town is the fact that no one suspects anything that comes in or out. It’s effectively hiding in plain sight.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Abandoned Warehouse turned Cult Meeting Grounds
roll 2d6
2) You interrupt a very delicate summoning ritual. The disturbance causes a cultist to misspeak sending everything into chaos as a gate to the Lower Hells opens up.
3) Your presence is greeted with friendly embrace. Cultists being to chant and cover you in finery. Some begin to openly weep as they chant “Our new prophet has come!”.
4) A defector tries to stop you from further investigation of the Cult (what cult?). They beg you to turn around and never come back.
5) The Cult of the Round-a-Bout have locked themselves in their Grain-Silo-Turned-Headquarters. They refuse to come out and continue to play their merry-go-round like melody even in middle of the night.
6) A murderous cult has set up operations here and they don’t seem to be hiding it.
7) In a loud bang one of the warehouses explodes into an inferno. A thick haze surrounds the area for several days.
8) A mob of protesters surround the warehouse. Upon inquiry you find out the Heralded End of Times did in fact come to be.
9) The Cult of the Wagging-Tale begin to spread their literature around town attracting storytellers young and old.
10) Rock. Paper. Scissors. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot!
11) You are too late… they have already completed the ritual and a large creature is now rampaging through the docks.
12) Your very presence is alarming to the cultists. Some unsheathe knives and descend on you.

Have you ever needed some inspiration? Or have a surprise session coming up and don’t know what to do with it? Or maybe a weird situation came up and you don’t know where to take it? Tables are extremely helpful for gathering your thoughts and helping layout some possibilities!