“Commonsense dictates that you shouldn’t eat mysterious floor meats. But the adventurous types might find some humor in it.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Eating mysterious meat

roll 2d6

2) You sprout an extra limb.

3) Your blood begins to boil and you are soon sent into a fit of rage and madness.

4) You feel unbelievably refreshed and filled with vim.

5) You vomit a thick black icor. It begins to coalesce and form a miniature version of its consumer.

6) You feel satisfied. The risk was worth it.

7) You get sick. What did you expect from eating meat that you found?

8) You don’t feel good. You don’t feel bad either. Maybe you should reflect on this?

9) All the hair on your body grows rapidly for several minutes.

10) You double in strength until your next bowel movement.

11) Your skin begins to retexture and change colors sporadically. This effect lasts a few weeks.

12) What feels like a stomach ache soon turns into a full body migraine. Over the next few days your body slowly begins to morph into a new monstrous version of yourself.


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