“The Bear Riders of Hastir are renowned for their survival prowess in the frigid wastes. While not very trusting of new people they tend to warm up to people who don’t make their bear suspicious.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Equipment Found on The Savage Bear Riders

roll 1d8

1) A worn yet sturdy looking spade.

2) Several days worth of trail mix complete with nuts, berries, dried meat, and choice tree bark.

3) A sharp skinning knife with a cleaning rag.

4) Choice herbs and a sewing kit in a small rabbit pelt pouch.

5) A medium length chain with a crude metal hook.

6) Dry tinder and flint and steel in a tin container. Also a few stray cigarettes.

7) An extra thick blanket roll.

8) Some specially made treats for the bear.


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