“No matter how confident mankind is about their creations the fates win in the end.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Runaway Train Adventure Hooks/Events

roll 2d6

2) A hard turn causes the train to derail and crash into the hard ground.

3) Panic grips some of the commuters causing them to riot and attack weaker prey.

4) A conductor approaches the players asking for assistance with “a sensitive matter.”

5) Sparks begin to spray from the wheels despite the speed staying the same.

6) A lost child finds their way into the players care. They ask you to help them find their parents.

7) A panicked commuter begins to break down and cause others to grow uneasy.

8) A mugger wrestles with a passenger for their money.

9) One of the cars shakes violently and screeches as its brakes activate.

10) The train suddenly enters a tunnel.

11) The train leans heavily to one side displacing everything/ everyone.

12) . A group of desperate commuters begin to jump from the windows and doors.


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