“If necessity is the mother of invention, war must be the father.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Irregular Warmounts
roll 2d6
1) A giant rhino with a farming plow attached to its snout. Behind it, it pulls a modified tiller with long blades on either side.
2) A mechanical humanoid over 10 feet tall complete with ball and chain, and spinning blade arm. It’s eyes glow from the energy crystals that power it.
3) A large yak with mobile yurt deployed on a platform on its back.
4) A giant bombardier beetle.
5) A rolling wave of pixies, nixies and other fae-folk.
6) A chitinous jet black dog. Its snout resembles a beak. Small spikes pepper its body.
7) A bird-like flying contraption made of wood and linen.
8) A lion infused with the powers of a minor mountain spirit.
9) A spiked wheel with a seat for 2 in the center. It has no actual propulsion system, it’s just a wheel.
10) A giant wasp with saddle on its back. Attached is several lances on either side.
11) A living mass of forest floor.
12) Multiple bones from various animals/races combining into a constantly morphing abomination.

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