Gaseous Mire

Gaseous Mire

Wading through waist high water isn’t exactly fun… I mean, it was when I was a kid mostly because I wasn’t fully aware of what lived in water. Well, I mean, this swamp is a little different though. It’s not what lives in it that gets you it what comes out that gets you.

Let me explain, you don’t want to get caught by one of the gas bubbles. Luckily they are pretty easy to spot but perspective can get you. Sometimes you can’t tell if they are near or close cause they all reflect the light weird… Oh! Also only travel during the day, the bubbles are practically invisible by night. And don’t touch the bubbles, they’ll kill you. Or by the least mess you up. Sometimes they will mess you up first, then kill you. Regardless, don’t touch the bubbles.

Probably explains why there ain’t no trees or life in the water there. It’s just brackish-green water, mud, little islands, and them weird bubbles. There are pockets of the gas sometimes too, so you gotta be careful about that. Probably just shouldn’t go there.


Story By Tony Obert

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