“The primary benefit of setting up your base of operations in the docks of most any town is the fact that no one suspects anything that comes in or out. It’s effectively hiding in plain sight.”

– Ryan Dirge, Scholar.

Abandoned Warehouse turned Cult Meeting Grounds
roll 2d6
2) You interrupt a very delicate summoning ritual. The disturbance causes a cultist to misspeak sending everything into chaos as a gate to the Lower Hells opens up.
3) Your presence is greeted with friendly embrace. Cultists being to chant and cover you in finery. Some begin to openly weep as they chant “Our new prophet has come!”.
4) A defector tries to stop you from further investigation of the Cult (what cult?). They beg you to turn around and never come back.
5) The Cult of the Round-a-Bout have locked themselves in their Grain-Silo-Turned-Headquarters. They refuse to come out and continue to play their merry-go-round like melody even in middle of the night.
6) A murderous cult has set up operations here and they don’t seem to be hiding it.
7) In a loud bang one of the warehouses explodes into an inferno. A thick haze surrounds the area for several days.
8) A mob of protesters surround the warehouse. Upon inquiry you find out the Heralded End of Times did in fact come to be.
9) The Cult of the Wagging-Tale begin to spread their literature around town attracting storytellers young and old.
10) Rock. Paper. Scissors. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot!
11) You are too late… they have already completed the ritual and a large creature is now rampaging through the docks.
12) Your very presence is alarming to the cultists. Some unsheathe knives and descend on you.

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