Tusk Fixahs

Tusk Fixahs

Scattered around various settlements, towns and cities you will find a very special medical practitioner; the Tusk Fixahs. Bordering somewhere between a blacksmith and a dentist a Tusk Fixah can graft almost anything to a set of gums. Thanks to the Goblinoid/Trollish/Orgish/Orcish oral regenerative abilities a lucrative trade has emerged.

Similarly to humans the Greenskins (a loose term) only have a finite set of teeth. Not similarly to humans they can attach anything to their toothholes with no rejection. A life of battle causes you to lose teeth rather rapidly so finding replacements becomes important. Typically, Greenskins simply pull a replacement straight from the head of their opponent, but sometimes they desire something more to show off status. This is especially popular with the Green Skin Trade Kings.

Some will hire a Tusk Fixah to replace an incisor with a small example of what they sell; I.E a weapon dealer will have a small metal blade for a tooth jutting out, while a rich trader would have a gold ingot set in. Truthfully, this is impractical but when has fashion been practical?

Smaller Warcamps will employ several Tusk Fixah to do much of the same but with more rudimentary supplies. Sometimes Greenskins will have stones as replacements but more often than not travelling warbands will use pieces of metal from various sources such as armor, weapons, etc that were salvaged from the battlefield.

Story By Tony Obert

Imagecredit- https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/004/769/350/large/manuel-castanon-tusk-fixer10.jpg


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