8 things the media hasn’t told you about alligators.
Everyones favorite prehistoric dinosaur cousin seems to have a pretty simple characterization: eat, sleep, swim, hiss. But there are way more ways you can make alligators more interesting in your games instead of the solitary killing machines we know and love.
  1. Alligators have amazing regenerative abilities. As long as the head remains intact the body will grow back in 2d4 rounds.
  2. Thanks to a rare genetic mutation some alligators have several heads (half of which breath fire).
  3. Bi-petal variations aren’t unheard of. Sometimes they arm themselves with crude weapons.
  4. Special breeds of alligator (ones found in dense jungles typically) possess chameleon like skin. If skinned properly they can offer camouflage properties to existing armor and clothing.
  5. Did you know alligators can see perfectly in the dark? Their eyes create beams of light much like a flashlight. Legend has it, it’s highbeams are the last thing you see before you die.
  6. Some of the more ancient alligators typically sleep most of the time. Muck and vegetation tend to build up on their backs making rudimentary islands. Some settlements have even sprouted on the backs of these colossal beasts.
  7. Some of the more intelligent individuals of the species have learned the concept of trade and are usually quite eager to exchange a few shiny coins for a fresh caught meal.
  8. Wrinkled, almost dried out members exist. No matter how much water they consume or bathe in they are never quenched.




Article by: Tony Obert



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